TMD management

More people are now aware that severe headaches or migraines may be caused by TMJTMD, or temporomandibular joint syndrome. This is a bite problem so our teeth are involved. This is caused by several factors such as jaw clenching, tooth grinding(bruxing) because of stress or habit and having an improper bite. Injury to the jaw, extensive chewing and joint dislocation may also contribute to TMD requiring treatment.

When there is already an inflammation in the jaw because of misaligned teeth and jaw, people can then experience headaches. Some may look at this as a minor problem but the truth is this may have serious negative consequences in your dental health. One should undergo an immediate and proper TMJ treatment to resolve this issue.

Although some headaches or pains would be alleviated by medications it is best to visit a dentist as this may be a recurring struggle that will need more than medicines – this is where TMD and TMJ treatment comes in. Medicines and first-aids are mere temporary solutions to permanent pain or headaches such as this. TMJ treatment will actually solve the problem.

We will discuss the problem with you and based on our assessment, we may recommend some basic behavioral changes to relieve the grinding and clinching pressures in TMJ which cause toothache, headaches, or jaw pain. This may involve other dental restorative dentistry procedures to ensure that your teeth and jaw are aligned and in good condition to prevent further TMD symptoms. We may recommend an Occlusal guard to help alleviate the problem.  We may also prescribe some mild medications to relieve headaches and other pain as a part of the TMD treatment. If there is a need, we will refer you to a physical therapy clinic specializing in TMD treatment.  We will work closely with them to help alleviate the discomfort.

We can help you take care of this TMD or TMJ concern.